As the production processes are closely related to energy, resource consumption and the impact on the environment, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility by striving for pollution prevention and continuous improvement, as well as pursuing corporate sustainability management. We make sure that all employees of our factories adhere to the following principles to maintain and improve environmental quality together:


  • Strictly comply with the laws and regulations and thoroughly improve the environment.
  • Promote environmental awareness through training.
  • Improve production efficiency and implement pollution prevention.
  • Fulfill corporate responsibility and benefit both the economy and the environment.



Download the Hsinchu Factory information:ISO 14001:2015
Download the Taichung Factory information:ISO 14001:2015



EHS Policy:

  • Hazard prevention: be aware of possible hazards and avoid injury/illness.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations: adhere to laws and regulations and fulfill social responsibility.
  • System establishment: organize training with the participation of all employees and provide consultation.
  • Continuous improvement: reduce occupational hazard risks and ensure personnel safety.



Energy Policy:

  • Strictly comply with the laws and regulations and fulfill social responsibility.
  • Support green procurement and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Strive for continuous improvement and pursue environmentally sustainable operations.