We uphold the belief of safeguarding the most important assets of the Company, in addition to providing a sound compensation system, we insist on giving our employees all types of diversified and comprehensive benefits as well as leisure activities among many other measures, so that our employees can relax properly physically and mentally during the breaks of work, and increase interaction and friendship between colleagues through various activities at the same time, to build a happy and harmonious work workplace.


Employee Benefits System


  • High-energy and year-end party with lucky draw
  • Company trip to relax physically and mentally
  • Complete insurance (labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, cancer insurance, travel insurance)
  • Contribute 6% per month to the New Labor Pension plan, contribute full pension reserve for the Old Labor Pension Plan
  • Fully subsidize Education Training Courses
  • Free regular health examination, and free health examination allowance for the managers
  • Employee bonus and stock plan
  • Emergency assistance, hospitalization consolation money and funeral subsidy
  • Wedding gift
  • Childbirth gift, TWD 30,000 per childbirth (TWD 100,000 for the third childbirth)
  • Three Festival Gift Voucher, May Day Gift Voucher, Birthday Gift Voucher
  • Quarterly Department Dinner Party Subsidy