Founded in 1975, Uranus Chemicals CO., LTD. specializes in the production of oxalic acid using self-developed proprietary technology. In response to our business expansion and market demand, Uranus Chemicals built the Taichung Factory in Dadu District, Taichung City for the production of oxalic acid. In the same year, our headquarters was relocated to the Hsinchu Industrial Park and the Hsinchu Factory 1 was built for the production of ceric ammonium nitrate, tin(Ⅱ) chloride dihydrate, ITO etchant and other products. To expand our product portfolio, Uranus Chemicals also entered the major green energy market by utilizing our years of experience in hydrometallurgy, and built the Toufen Factory and the Hsinchu Factory 2 in 2018. The new factories are for the production of cobalt sulfate solution, cobalt chloride solution and cobalt sulfate crystals.




Driven by a commitment to improving quality and exceeding clients’ expectations, Uranus Chemicals has been dedicated to developing new products that meet clients’ needs in order to provide effective and satisfactory services. Additionally, through constant innovation and development, our products have been applied to various fields, benefiting the general public and a diverse range of industries.



Uranus Chemicals has a strong management team dedicated to sustainable management and growth. In addition to maintaining overall operating stability, we continue to research and develop new products for technology-related industries, making us one of the outstanding domestic manufacturers.